4 Best Things to consider while buying an Air Fryer

Fried food has turned out to be very general nowadays. When it comes up to fried fish or chicken, it can be tricky to curb our desires at times. Unluckily, fried food has been confirmed to be very bad for your well-being, and habitual intake can make the arteries congest very fast. Conventionally, food is prepared in a deep fryer, where it is well soaked inside an enormous amount of oil. This is clearly not healthy at any cost. But, thanks to the technological advances, we at the present time have access to several options that are much healthier.

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An air fryer for an instance is an outstanding substitute to the deep fryer. In place of using frying oil, this multipurpose appliance passes hot air to cook up the food from all the sides at the same point in time. This prepares an equally delicious flavor and crunchy layer you usually obtain from a deep fryer but without the needless fat. In reality, food made in this fashion comprises of approximately 85% less fat.


What all to check out before buying an air fryer?

Though not many but there are things that you need to check out before buying an air fryer, these include:


A Brand is something on which I personally will never compromise on until my budget stops me, no matter people do often pick up cheaper products but choosing a branded product do matter as it simply means a better quality of a product, better service, more resale value and most importantly trust factor.

Having a look at few best e-commerce stores most commonly sold air fryer are from Philips, GoWISE, Avalon etc.


Budget is the most important factor which comes into play whenever you buy anything and when talking about air fryers, the budget needs to be more when comparing it to other kitchen appliances. The more the budget is, the better is the product and thus more efficient for use.


The capacity of air fryers don’t really differ, most of the air fryers would be 1.8 to 2.2 lb but for larger needs the capacity can go on till 2.6 lb and nearby. Before opting for the larger capacity models make sure you have sufficient space in your kitchen not only to keep but easily operate the air fryer.

Other factors

There are lot many factors which you can consider like opting for digital air fryers, the size of the air fryer, the amount of electricity it consumes, color choices, looks, and discount offers.

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